Better Block
Detroit, MI (2016)

Funded by the Knight Foundation, the Better Block Foundation partnered with DCDC, City of Detroit, Live6 Alliance, and University Commons to design and install temporary streetscape installations along Livernois in Northwest Detroit. These installations, which occurred in April and August of 2016, were meant to spur long-term change along the Avenue by imagining a more beautiful and equitable corridor for all modes of traffic.

Using local talent and community input, the planning team and a host of volunteers implemented streetscape improvements like bike lanes, bumpouts, crosswalks, benches, landscaping, string lights, and parking lines. Other programming included a small market and musical performances.

These installations were temporary strategies used to better plan for permanent improvements along Livernois. Community feedback that was gathered during the installations will be used in the forthcoming “Streetscape and Public Realm Plan” that is being led by the City of Detroit in partnership with Spackman Mossop Michaels and the DCDC.

The Knight Foundation
The City of Detroit
University Commons
The Better Block Foundation