Bleeding Heart Design
Detroit, MI (2016-Current)

The Bleeding Heart Design (b.h.d) organization advocates for the use of human-centered design methods to inspire people to become more altruistic by using public art, design and architecture as conduits for social change. Their current focus area is the Lindale Gardens community of Northeast Detroit, MI near State Fair Rd. and I-75.

The DCDC, and Impact Detroit, has helped b.h.d build capacity since it was first founded in 2012. The DCDC has helped b.h.d secure over $80,000 in funding and have also provided community meeting space and an invaluable amount of hours of professional design expertise, resources, connections and advise. The community participation values of the DCDC helped shape the foundation of b.h.d's approach to participatory design in the Lindale Gardens neighborhood.

The Lindale Gardens Neighborhood Strategy is underway. The strategy will be a collection of the residents' shared aspirations for the area and steps to fulfill a collective vision.

Impact Detroit
Lindale Gardens Community Association

Rebecca Willis (Photographer)