Claytown Connections
Detroit, MI (2011)

The Claytown Greenways project envisions greenway enhancements for non-motorized transportation routes identified for the Claytown neighborhood in Southwest Detroit.

The proposed greenway enhancements, to be developed in phases, include additional bike lanes and arrows on existing streets; way-finding signs, maps, and banners; tree plantings along identified routes; native plantings at roadside easements and expressway overpasses; bicycle racks at destination points; and public-art installations along routes. These greenway upgrades represent both low-cost interventions, such as tree-planting and signage, as well as more significant projects, such as streetscape alterations.

The project was developed in collaboration with city, neighborhood, and nonprofit stakeholders and is compatible with existing and planned greenway developments across Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
Michigan Trails and Greenway Alliance
Bridging Communities, Inc.