Eastern Market Public Patio
Detroit, MI (2016)

With funding from the Knight Foundation, Eastern Market Corporation (EMC) was able to purchase materials for a placemaking installation known as the Public Patio. The Public Patio, which consisted of tables, chairs, umbrellas, and a wayfinding sign, was placed outside of businesses around the Market. EMC partnered with the Detroit Collaborative Design Center to develop design strategies for the placemaking units and measure their impact. In order to implement the placemaking units over a period of two months, EMC and DCDC developed weekly schedules that optimized the intersection of the Eastern Market operations team's availability with business interests and capacity.

The goals of the Public Patio include: animate existing spaces and creating new public spaces in order to contribute to EMC’s efforts to support a lively public life in the Market; encourage people to linger when visiting the Market year-round; learn how people use public space through the placemaking unit; build better relationships with and improve business activity for Eastern Market businesses.

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Eastern Market District businesses, vendors & visitors