Delores Bennett Park
Detroit, MI (2017)

Delores Bennett Park was built over 40 years ago as part of a movement started by Delores Bennett. She cleaned the debris from what was once a vacant dumping ground to create a playground for the youth in the North End. This space became a city park that would be named after her. She also started the North End Youth Improvement Council as a vehicle to uplift the young people in the community. The Delores Bennett Park Project is a collaborative endeavor initiated by Vanguard Community Development Corporation. The park is centrally located in the neighborhood and is heavily used by members of the community. The goal of the project is to upgrade the amenities at the park, but to also bring the community together around the North Ends greatest asset. Several of the park’s amenities are in need of repair, and the community has identified other the key issues to be addressed in this project.Vanguard CDC and the Detroit Collaborative Design Center have partnered on this project on to ensure the park continues to contribute to the overall quality of life for North End residents. Delores Bennett Park is considered part of the foundation of the North End community and a common space for all to enjoy.

Vanguard CDC