PlayHouse: An Exterior Urban Performance Space
Detroit, MI (2009)

PlayHouse: An Exterior Community Amphitheater offers a long-term reuse of an abandoned house that is neither full renovation nor complete demolition. The project completely removes a two-story sidewall of an abandoned house so that the interior will be visible to the exterior side yard, which currently exists as a half a block of vacant and abandon properties. Three of the adjacent properties will be designed to be exterior seating facing the interior of the house making it a two-story stage. A new exterior “skin,” completely composed of rotating and sliding panels, will open to reveal all or only a portion of the stage. The rotating and sliding panels will be constructed using the material from the sidewall that was removed. Fabricated with community residents, artists, and young people, PlayHouse will become an artistic and cultural centerpiece in an area of Detroit that has been listed as one of the top 3 poorest zip codes in the USA by the US Census Bureau.

The Heidelberg Project

2009 Bruner Award
2010 I.D. Magazine's "40 Transformative Design Projects" (#7)
2008 National Endowment for the Arts Award