North Rosedale Park: Community House and Grounds
Detroit, MI (2011)

Over 30 stakeholder representatives of North Rosedale Park and adjoining neighborhoods were brought together to develop a vision and set of goals for the future of the Community House and Grounds. The project evolved over three months since the initial Neighborhood Engagement Workshop, and included multiple feedback sessions, community input cards, and advisory group and stakeholder meetings. As the effort to renovate the Community House and Grounds continues, so will the community's involvement in providing guidance for future design development.

Besides accommodating all of the programmatic needs, the design supports the traditional role of the Community House in nurturing the community. Meeting areas are upgraded and expanded to accomodate multiple activities. Office, kitchen, and restroom facilities are modernized. An expanded patio extends from the Main Hall. Facility upgrades also include accessible design and “green” technology. The Community House will be able to better serve the community and adjoining neighborhoods for years to come.

North Rosedale Park Civic Association