Skinner Playfield
Detroit, MI (2014-2016)

Completed in 2016, Skinner Playfield and Main Stage and Pavilion began in 2014 as a senior project idea at Denby High School, which is adjacent to the site. DCDC and the Impact Detroit Network (IDN) engaged the senior students as part of an Impact Detroit initiative. Many of the students and community members rallied around the idea to adopt the former Detroit Parks Department's site and raise money to redevelop it as a neighborhood-focused open space. This momentum led to the creation of new neighborhood organization, Denby Neighborhood Alliance (DNA).

DCDC worked closely with the students, community, DNA and the many Impact Detroit members through participatory gaming and other design techniques. The park has volleyball and basketball, plenty of places to sit and eat, and a signature 25’x90’ stage/pavilion. The stage is solar powered and the butterfly roof of the pavilion collects rainwater into four tanks, which will be used to irrigate the park. Life Remodeled joined the planning team in order to help build out the plan. Organizing massive volunteer efforts and fundraising, Life Remodeled assisted the construction of the pavilion, basketball and volleyball courts, seating areas, and site grading.

AIA Detroit
Denby Neighborhood Alliance
Denby High School
Impact Detroit Network
Kresge Foundation
Life Remodeled