The Alley Project (TAP)
Detroit, MI (2011)

TAP, The Alley Project, transformed a Southwest Detroit neighborhood alley and surrounding vacant lots into an inspirational graffiti art gallery. The DCDC engaged a community of youth and neighbors in developing the master plan for the project with three focus areas: the alley, two vacant lots, and the studio garage.

The alley has become a walking gallery, with the garages facing it a canvas for art. Also, two vacant lots were programmed with additional art surfaces and places to gather and play. The main garage was redesigned to accommodate youth where they explore graffiti and other forms of art, as well as have a place of their own.

TAP seeks to provide a positive environment that is linked to surrounding neighborhood assets such as community centers, bike paths, and parks. Most importantly, TAP provides the immediate need for a safe and inspirational place for the community that is centered on youth, art, and culture.

Young Nation

Erik Howard (Photographer)