The Bloody Run Creek Greenway Redevelopment Project
Detroit, MI (2011)

The Bloody Run Creek Greenway Redevelopment Project, a greenway and development plan for daylighting a creek on Detroit's East Side, has the opportunity to become a major ecological public landscape and transformative destination for the City of Detroit.

This green-infrastructure project seeks to strengthen the fabric of the community through its accessibility, inclusiveness, and connections to the city while serving as a catalyst for economic and physical development. The project will also reduce the strain on the sewer system through a reduction in runoff collection, and improve water quality through the natural filtration of pollutants.

Phase I of the project seeks to build off of the strengths of the Eastern Market, the Dequindre Cut, and the riverfront by collecting storm water in a large, public retention pond near Gratiot and Chene Street, cleansing the water, and releasing it into the Detroit River through a series of ponds and waterways.

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