Woodward/6-8 Mile Revitalization Plan: A Vision for a Sustainable Livable Corridor
Detroit, MI (2010)

The Woodward/6-8 Mile Revitalization Plan is an initiative of the Woodward Avenue Action Association that aims to inspire investment, positive change, and improve the quality of life within the 6 to 8 Mile Woodward Corridor. The plan aims to revitalize this 2 mile stretch of Woodward Avenue, a major gateway to the City of Detroit, through elements of green infrastructure, community identity, history, transit, and streetscape features.

The plan incorporates restored historic vegetation, new street trees, new solar powered trash receptacles, new wind collectors, new kiosks, new dedicated bike lanes, enhanced public transit, and bioswales for stormwater retention.

The plan is a result of a collaborative effort over an 18 month period with a group growing from five business owners to an active stakeholder group of over thirty participants.

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